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The Tse-reh Charity Foundation is a non-profit charity organization

 which is not involved in issues of politics, religions or race.

The foundation was founded and is operated by individuals who are devoted to needy people

 and charitable acts to support their most urgent needs.

Your assistance in helping us to rebuild hope for the helpless

and the poor will be very much appreciated!




To enhance the lives of the less fortunate, focusing on those in the Qinghai-Tibetan Highlands, by providing better living conditions, a better  education and hope for the future.


Tse-reh Rinpoche pledged at an early age that he would devote his life to helping the poor, those in need, and suffering.  His pursuit in life is to serve others, and continues to regard the happiness of others well above all else, even his own. With tireless effort, the Tse-reh Charity Foundation was established in 2003. The opening of the Foundation was the beginning of what we hope will be a long tradition of selfless acts to help those in need. Since the formation of the Foundation, many others, including philanthropists, entrepreneurs and business men and women have pledged their financial assistance to this cause; including the lawyer, Ms. Chen Hui and Mr. Luo Qianli,   Madame Yue Libin, Mr. Chen Piaoyu, Ms. Li Linwei, Mr. Qin Jing, Mrs. Li Xinglu and are a few of the people  devoted to the mission of helping others.

About Our Logo

The hand gently holds a drop of water which disperses into the sky and sea.  That drop of water symbolizes the extent of areas we are able to touch with just one small drop of kindness.



Our Goal


  • To improve the current infrastructure and living establishments including implementation of a drinking water program and power supply programs.

  • To build an orphanage, boarding school, and schools helping to eliminate illiteracy.

  • To develop educational programs in poverty stricken areas.

  • To further build the “Home of Respect” for elderly persons unable to care for themselves.

  • To provide medical and health care services, including building an emergency first-aid station and up to 10 mobile clinics to serve the area.

  • To maintain national traditions and culture and secure historical relics.

  • Environmental protection: to set up wild animal reservations.

  • To fulfill our mission of helping the poor and comfort those who are less fortunate than ourselves; and to enhance the spirit of kindness and assistance through every project and every activity.


Operational Mode

The Tse-reh Charity Foundation activities are made possible by the donations of the Founders, Board Members and individual and corporate members of our global society. All projects have clear goals and strict guidelines as set forth by the Foundation.  Each project will be strictly supervised to ensure it meets with specific goals and guidelines.  Donors and Board Members are welcome to inspect the implementation, progress and results of each project. In addition to the supervision and visits, there will be emails and newsletters sent out to summarize the progress and results of each project.



Project Completed:   Drinking Water Supply for Tse-reh Area (Link )


Project Planned (Link )



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