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 Drinking Water Supply for Tse-reh Area

The Tse-reh Area sits at an altitude of 4000 meters and is located at the southern edge of China and boarders Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet. Tse-reh is the most remote residential area and the poorest region in Sichuan province. The area administratively belongs to Zhenda town, Shi Qu County, Ganzi Tebitan Autonomous Region, Sichuan Province. The climate in this area is very harsh, and until recently there was no infrastructures set up for electric power, telecommunication, transportation, drinking water, or medical system.

Due to the poor economic, geographical and environmental conditions, drinking water is not guaranteed in Tse-reh Area, and local people have to collect water in difficult and inefficient ways. In many areas in this region people would leave their places of residence to walk kilometers collect water and then carry it to their homes on their backs. Building an infrastructure for drinking water was a critical step and has since had an incredible impact on the people of this region.We are proud of this first project.

There is a clean water source 5 Kilometers from the residential area. We've completed an infrastructure now so that the water can be transported back to the residential area. The project was completed in Sept 2004 and has positively impacted the lives of 5000 people.


Lawyer Mr. Luo Qianli is inspecting the anti-freeze condition of the drinking water project.


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